The Swine Philosophy | FEDERICO SOLMI

Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill proudly presents FEDERICO SOLMI: The Swine Philosophy, a major show of painting, drawing and video from November 19th, 2011 to January 7th, 2012.
With this show Federico Solmi’s work will be exhibited for the first time in Austria.
Entitled The Swine Philosophy, this exhibition takes stock from an episode in Solmi’s video installation “Douche Bag City”, extending the title as an umbrella term to encapsulate the basis of his artistic vision.

Federico Solmi will present major works: Douche Bag City, The Evil Empire and King Kong and The End of the World. Federico Solmi’s work is not an artistic expression you look at, the viewer has to face it – and take it, indeed.

Taking the apocalyptic not as a cathartic solutionfor the evil in the world but as a present-day state of life the artist creates an idiosyncratic universe visualized in bright colors, marked by a darkly ironic sensibility. Driven by a love of challenges, conflicts and contradiction, the artist strips reality of all semantic contortions, and presents viewers with absurdist fables that highlight and amplify the aesthetic conditions of chaos.

Federico Solmidepicts the degenerated society aiming for the false though self-created myths and models and living in a hopeless, hostile and harmful environment. Solmi accumulates images from the pop culture and digital media incorporating them in video game strategies. Urgent matters are collaged with historical developments. His works are satires about the contemporary society, social processes and values on the example of archetypal main characters (such as Dick Richman in Douche Bag City or Rocco Siffredi in Rocco Never Dies).

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